Traditional Bridal Hairstyle for the Indian Bride – 5 Classics

Long or short, curly or wavy – whatever your hair type is, there is always a perfect hairstyle for it. Finding the right hairdo might be difficult for you and that is why we decided to write today’s post. When in doubt go traditional. Fullonwedding brings to you 5 incredible Traditional Bridal Hairstyle ideas for the Indian bride.

Jeweled Plaits

Classic plaited hair with flowers or brooches tops the list of traditional bridal hairstyle. Plaits are mostly for long hair but adding a bit of artificial tresses can fix the issue. Use natural flowers to decorate your hair and to get a fresh look.

fullonweddig-bridal beauty-contemporary bridal hairstyle-jewelled hair.jpg - malabar gold

Bun – Easy to go Traditional Bridal Hairstyle

Bun is a traditional bridal hairstyle in many Indian states. It is a style that will keep you hassle free this summer. Bun is an easy to go hair style for short hair. A bun works best when you are wearing a dupatta over your head. Add a maang tikka according to your style and taste. Add jewels or studs to make it look exotic.

fullonweddig-bridal beauty-traditional bridal hairstyle- burn with gajra-shorthair

Side Sweep With Flounce

This is not your conventional traditional bridal hairstyle but is one that has been popular in India since ages. The hairdo will help you flaunt your curls. This hairstyle is an avant-garde choice if you are wearing a dupatta over your head. Add a maang tikka in middle if your dupatta is too simple. Even better, don a tiara to make this traditional bridal hairstyle more chic.

Fullonwedding-bridal hairstyle - traditional bridal hairstyle -flounce with curls

Curled Bun with Gajra

Fresh flowers are timeless. Be it a plain white jasmine gajra or a rose garland they make every traditional bridal hairstyle look perfect. Try teaming flowers with a curled bun for a striking impact. Dry flower gajras in a single shade (preferably golden) will also look stunningly elegant.

fullonweddig-bridal beauty-traditional bridal hairstyle-twisted bun-shorthair

Dupatta with Maang Tikka and a Fringe

Borrowing Mira Rajput’s wedding looks, try this traditional hairstyle if you just can’t decide how to do your hair!  Simply make sure that you have a nice little fringe in the front and do up your hair in a simple way. Wear a dupatta over it and finish the look with a maang tikka and a side passa. Make sure the tikka/passa goes with dupatta/saree border. DO NOT pick contrasting materials like a silver border with a golden tikka.

fullonweddig-bridal beauty-traditional bridal hairstyle- veil with tikka

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