A Look at Kerala Christian Bridal Jewellery

A Kerala Christian wedding is a serene event. In the presence of the big heart of Jesus, a holy ceremony takes place to unite two souls. Today, we tell you a bit about the ceremonies during the wedding and a lot more about Kerala Christian bridal jewellery.


Usually engagement is termed after “manasammatham” which means asking permission from groom and bride to get into wedlock. A priest presides over the event in church which generally happens at bride’s place. The permission for wedding must also be granted by guests present. This will make the couple “officially engaged’. The “kettukalyanam” a.k.a the marriage ceremony happens at grooms place. Varying sects of Christianity follow various traditional ceremonies during wedding.


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Generally the groom dresses up in two piece tuxedo or suit. He is accompanied by friends and family. The bride will be in white gown or white saree accompanied by family,friends and very pretty flower girls/bridesmaids. Nowadays brides have gone out exploring various shades rather than plain white. Golden,off white, cream shades have recently made a buzz in market. In some areas brides also wear silk saress of bright colors like orange and red.

Kerala Christian Bridal Jewellery

Kerala Christian bridal jewellery is elegant like the land she comes from. Minnu (which is equivalent to the mangalsutra) is the prime piece of jewellery gifted by groom and knotted around brides neck during wedding ceremony. The bride also wears a Kaasumala which is a necklace made of thin gold coins.

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Some brides also wear the Karimani maala which consists of black beads. It is also called kurumulaku-mala, meaning necklace of ‘black pepper’. Since Kerala is the land of spices we guess that ornament is totally justified.

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Another distinct jewellery is the Maanga-mala that has motifs in the shape of mangoes. Jhumkas are generally used as earrings. Also earrings with drop hangings can also be seen.

fullonweddig-bridal jewellery-kerala christian bridal jewellery-jhumkiBrides in Kerala wear lots of bangles. Unlike other parts of the country, the bangles are not made of beads but are engraved gold bangles that are worn in pairs on both hands.

Mostly Kerala Christian bridal jewellery is mostly gold. However, with more exposure to modern styles and designs, platinum and diamonds have also gained in popularity among brides.