About Us

Indian weddings have grown to become larger than life events with people choosing to have destination weddings, a lavish decor, designer outfits and loads of entertainment. At the same time, people are faced with a constraint of time to meticulously plan and organize an event of this scale. This is where Fullonwedding comes into picture. Founded by Shalabh, Khushbu and Himanshu, Fullonwedding specializes in planning and executing extraordinary experiences for weddings across India. What’s more, we also provide you tips, wedding inspiration and lots of useful wedding advice to make your wedding planning a smooth experience.

We believe that a perfect wedding just takes 3 C’s – Communicate, Customise, Coordinate and Fullonwedding Team is an expert at them. So all you need to do is contact us and we will take care of everything. If you are gearing up for a wedding, then come on aboard and let's together design your dream wedding!