7 Bridal Shots You Must Have in Your Wedding Album

A bride is the charm of wedding photography. No matter how you define her beauty, a photograph’s beauty is defined by her. Good photographs do not just happen, they require clear planning. So if you pose without a plan, and your photographs are not that great, don’t blame it on photographer. Here are some bridal shots ideas that will come in handy when you try for that pretty picture.

Getting Ready Bridal Shots

fullonwedding-wedding photography-7 bridal shots-make-up

We don’t  want to forget that prep and hassle to get the best of you in D-day. Have some snaps definitely from the greenroom. Close –ups will be the best choice. Try getting pictures at the end of your makeup session(like while putting compact powder). Since dressing room has nice-light, there pictures are bound to come out great.

By the window

fullonwedding-wedding photography-7 bridal shots-window

It could be clicked in evening light or early morning light. They have a soothing effect on the photograph. Try one leaning on window or sitting leg-on-leg with your side profile. You could even take a full frame picture with nice background and flaunt your bridal wear.

One with the Veil

fullonwedding-wedding photography-7 bridal shots-veils

Maybe your custom doesn’t have provision for veil. But if you do, click one close-up in that. You could be looking down if it’s a front portrait. If taking side profile, preferably look up or in eye-level for some glam bridal shots.

Kids and Kisses

fullonwedding-wedding photography-7 bridal shots-kids and kisses

Nobody can help you get more candid bridal shots than a kid. Have a bunch of them and do some random activity. Maybe a big boo kiss for the bridey. We bet you that one will be the cutest of all bridal shots!

Mehendi Hands and pretty face

fullonwedding-wedding photography-7 bridal shotsmehendi hands

We all know for whom those extra mehendi cones are grabbed for. When all your cousins and family and friends got their hands reddened click a picture. Gather those hands around you, give a bright smile. We could get this shot after you dressed up or right after mehendi.

The Swagger

fullonwedding-wedding photography-7 bridal shots-swag

Get that attitude up-do with some sassy bridal shot. Throw your head up, wear a pair of sunglasses, pucker up and posse wo-manly. Group up you girls’ gang for sugar and spice. After all everyone says your swagger is the sexiest.

Middle of Ritual

fullonwedding-wedding photography-7 bridal shots-middle of ritual

You know, pictures during the wedding ritual will be most candid- because everyone will be too nervous and involved in function to look at camera. Also this is the time when one can see maximum happy tears and white-bright smiles. Moreover, this is the most important part of the wedding, how can you miss snaps from this event?

Now that you have seen what are some of the must-have bridal shots in your album, how about picking up that phone and discussing it with your photographer?