Color Scheme Ideas for a Cool Summer Wedding

Winter has passed and we are all getting decked up for the arriving summer wedding season. Summer fashion is all about eye soothing cool colors while summer decor celebrates the bounty of the sun. Choosing the right colors will fill you with joy and make you all upbeat! To help you do that, today we tell you about the right summer color scheme for your wedding.

Mint Green

Mint green is the new found trend  in wedding lehengas! The same has overflown to decor as well, giving you endless options to put together a gorgeous summer wedding. Draperies and table setting in mint green have a beach wedding look. Incorporate the color in the flowers, the invites as well as the wedding favors.

fullonweddig-wedding decor-color scheme for summer wedding-mint green

Peony pink- Pretty color scheme

Cutest shade of pink will make your wedding décor look adorable. Get the floral decorations in pink color – flowers in this color will not be hard to find in this season. Also pink is definitely one of your prime choices for wedding wear! So that’s an easy way to put together a bright and beautiful wedding.

fullonweddig-wedding decor-color schemes for summer wedding-peony pink

Peach- a New Entrant in Wedding Color Scheme

Peach has always been there in wedding and reception attires. But of late, this color has found its spot in trendy summer wedding color schemes as well. Arrange your furniture and dine setting in matte peach shade to get a total vintage look.

fullonweddig-wedding decor-color scheme for summer wedding-peach

Aqua Blue – Totally Cool Summer Color Scheme

Coolest color of the lot. Set your summer wedding reception décor in this color especially if its in evening. This color looks inviting for clear summer evenings. Also if the wedding is indoors, pick a hall or auditorium worked with mainly white shades against which this color will stand out as a striking contrast!

fullonweddig-wedding decor-color scheme for summer wedding-aqua blue


Lilac is better known as lightest shade of purple. Lilac has always been an exquisite and offbeat color in wedding décor. Lilac is for people who want to add royal look to their summer wedding without flashing warm colors. Lilac could be best used in floral decorations, draperies and dine settings. Skip shimmery lilac décor objects. They make the color look less-elegant. Lilac is best presented in matte finishes. Better to avoid blingy lights in this shade. Light blue and white colors will do perfect job along with lilac.

fullonweddig-wedding decor-color scheme for summer wedding-lilac