Cupid Care – To Address Your Sexual Health Concerns

India is a country where it is a taboo to discuss sex or problems associated with it openly. Without any options or lack of awareness about avenues to get information or counselling, Indians end up turning to the internet to solve their doubts and queries. Considering the stigma that is associated with the subject, it is natural to find comfort in being anonymous over the internet. But more often than not, people end up getting generic advice or are mislead by random websites that were created in the first place to cash in on the interest related to the topic. So what does one with a genuine problem or issue do?

Enter Cupid Care – a trusted online platform that addresses sexual and mental health concerns. Cupidcare is a telehealth platform with some of the best sexual and mental health specialists from the country on board. We believe that the platform is particularly useful for couples-to-be who have a million questions about ‘it’. The aim of the company is to especially help couples who have no prior sexual experience before marriage, and naturally have lots of doubts about it.

Cupid care does not just offer pre-marital and sexual health counselling but also extends its services to include basic health checkup tests for men and women as well as sexual health and potency tests for men. So for men who are nervous or anxious about their sexual fitness before marriage, Cupid Care has the right combination of tests and counselling that will help them overcome the anxiety. What’s more, they do all this with utmost confidentiality, putting a rest to all your doubts before you big day!

To get in touch with them, you can simply logon to Cupid Care and choose from their options of ‘Asking a Question’, ‘Consulting Privately’ or ‘ Booking a Test’.