Bridal Makeup: Regular, Mineral and Airbrush Makeup Explained

You need to look perfect on your wedding day and the way to ensure this is to get the right makeup to suit your look. There are various options and techniques out there while choosing bridal makeup and today, we will help you understand the difference between regular, mineral and airbrush makeup and the option that is best for you.

Regular Makeup

As the name suggests, regular makeup is the makeup that we are most familiar with – primer, foundation, pancake and pressed powder, topped off with some blush, bronzer or other highlights. Given its popularity, it is but natural that this kind of makeup has the most number of variants in terms of colors and textures and also the highest number of takers. It can be applied with fingertips, with brushes or other applicators and blended in easily into the skin.

Fullonwedding - Bridal Beauty - Regular Mineral and Airbrush Makeup - Traditional Makeup

If we had to talk about the difference between regular, mineral and airbrush makeup, we should mention that regular makeup is less expensive but the final finish depends on the expertise of the person who is doing your makeup and the quality of products used. If not done right, regular makeup can start looking cakey and artificial, ruining your wedding day look. If you are going with traditional makeup at your wedding, then ensure that you go to a renowned makeup expert.

Airbrush Makeup

Fullonwedding - Bridal Beauty - Regular Mineral and Airbrush Makeup - Airbrush

Airbrush makeup is just what the name says – makeup that is applied using an airbrush. Among regular, mineral and airbrush makeup, it is airbrush makeup that is the lightest of the lot. A special product is sprayed onto the face in a fine mist to cover your face in a thin layer of foundation. Airbrush makeup is definitely not as opaque as traditional makeup. But the way it is done gives you a finish that looks great on pictures and hence the makeup has come to be known as HD-ready.

Among regular, mineral and airbrush makeup, it is airbrush that least clogs your pores and is easy to remove. If your skin is fairly flawless, then airbrush is the makeup to go with for the clean matte finish that it offers. Being waterproof, it also lets you shed those tears at the wedding without worrying about the color dripping off.

Mineral Makeup

Fullonwedding - Bridal Beauty - Regular Mineral and Airbrush Makeup - Mineral Makeup

Any comparison between traditional, mineral and airbrush makeup brings up the fact that mineral makeup is natural and hence more conducive for women with irritable skin. Mineral makeup is made of several natural minerals that are treated to processes that transforms them into different shades. These mineral powders are then applied on the skin with the help of a brush. They are much favored by women looking for natural alternatives for their skin.

Remember that the coverage of mineral makeup is not as great as traditional or airbrush makeup. Also, since it contains minerals, they tend to reflect light. They end up giving you a very harsh ‘shining’ finish in pictures which is not very desirable during the wedding. So if you still want to try mineral makeup then go in for it during the more low profile events or use it after your wedding festivities.

The most important thing to remember while making a decision between regular, mineral and airbrush makeup is that, at the end of the day, it is the skill of your makeup artist that matters for the final outcome. So don’t skimp on quality while picking your makeup artist. Find one who can work magic with your skin, whichever the kind of makeup may be!

Image credit: zankyou, youtube, newfrog