Event-Wise Indian Wedding Outfits for the Bride

Shopping for bridal wear for an Indian wedding can become an overwhelming task if not done in an organised manner. When you are shopping for your Indian wedding outfits, we suggest that you go with a list in hand in order to first pick up all that you need and then focus on whatever you want! We’re saying so because when you are surrounded by a dizzying array of beautiful wedding wear, it is very easy to get carried away and splurge on all kinds of unwanted outfits which may not even serve your need. That’s why we have put together a list of event wise wedding outfit ideas that will help you keep your wedding shopping under check.


Fullonshaadi - Indian Wedding Ceremonies - The Significance of the Mehendi Ceremony - Bridal Mehendi

For the mehendi ceremony, choose a dress that is not interfering and will remain out of the way when the mehendi artists apply henna on your hands and feet. We’d suggest that you go in for a comfortable cotton skirt and cropped top with ethnic motifs that are just about perfect if you need to be sitting for hours at a stretch. Choose an outfit with minimal embellishments and make sure that it is in a darker colour because the mehendi application sure does leave stains!


Fullonshaadi - Indian Wedding Planning - Event Wise Indian Wedding Outfits for the Bride - haldi ceremony

Given that you will be slathered with a yellow paste, we suggest not to go about ‘buying’ a new outfit for haldi but making do with an existing older garment. Typically, women choose Indian wedding outfits in a yellow colour for the haldi ceremony for yellow is considered to be auspicious. Go in for a sleeveless kurta with a patiala pyjama that can ride upto the knees so that the turmeric paste can easily be applied on your hands and feet.


Fullonshaadi - Indian Wedding Planning - Event Wise Indian Wedding Outfits for the Bride - Sangeet Saree Gown

The sangeet ceremony is turning out to be the event where most brides experiment with new age bridal outfits. This is because the events that follow the sangeet are mostly religious and mandate a certain kind of traditional Indian wedding outfit. So for the sangeet, you can try one of the newer styles of lehengas or go in for the pre-draped saree gown that is a cross between a saree and a gown.


Fullonshaadi - Indian Wedding Planning - Event Wise Indian Wedding Outfits for the Bride - Pheras

Given the traditional nature of this ceremony, our recommendation would be for you to stick to your family tradition and wear an outfit that confirms to it. Depending on which region you belong to, you would have the option of wearing a saree or a lehenga. While picking this particular Indian wedding outfit, make sure to choose an outfit that you are comfortable in. You will anyway be wearing plenty of jewellery and a floral garland, so the embellishments on your outfit can actually be cut down. Opt for traditional colours and patterns so that you can cut a beautiful picture of the perfect bride during your nuptials.


Fullonshaadi - Indian Wedding Planning - Event Wise Indian Wedding Outfits for the Bride - Reception

If the nuptials were traditional, then the reception is anything but that. This is one occasion where you can go all out and splurge on the latest designer Indian wedding outfit – be it a saree, saree gown or a lehenga and make sure that you look ravishing on your reception night. Choose a colour that suits your skin tone and a silhouette that flatters your figure since this going to be the most photographed event of your wedding proceedings.

Another tip is to not go overboard while choosing a lehenga or saree for reception cause you don’t want to look weighed down and tired wearing it.

Aside from these, you would also have to pick accessories that will complete the look during each event, but that is for another post. We wish you well for your wedding shopping.