Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fullonwedding?

Fullonwedding is an online portal that strives to make your wedding planning easy. We help connect you with the best wedding vendors in your location and also provide you with wedding inspiration that will take your wedding from great to wow!

How do I find the availability of a vendor?

Navigate to the vendor of your choice. You will find the check availability widget on the vendor details page. Enter the start and the end date for which you want to check the availability and click ‘Get Details’. We will get back to you with the availability details.
Note: You need to be logged in to use this feature.

How do I find the price/ package offered by any vendor?

Navigate to the vendor’s page. Under the header, there are 5 tabs with various kinds of information. The fourth tab - Prices will give you the price details of the vendor. You need to be signed in to use this feature.

How to find the contact details of any vendor?

Navigate to the vendor’s page. Under the header, there are 5 tabs with various kinds of information. The fifth tab - Prices will give you the price details of the vendor. You need to be signed in to use this feature.

Do I need to pay for accessing vendor details?

No, all the details can be obtained free of cost.

What is the use of filters?

Depending on your requirements, you can choose the drop downs on the left side menu to narrow down your options and get the most relevant search results.

How do I save a business to my favorites for future reference?

If you like a vendor and want to save it for future reference, click the heart icon provided next to the vendor listing and it will get saved to your favorites.

How do I remove a business from my favorites?

When you access list of your favorites, you will see a delete button right against every favorite, you can anytime delete it and it will no longer show in your favorite list.

Are the prices shared by vendor for their services fixed or negotiable?

Prices are indicative and may change from time to time. The final price that the vendor quotes when you personally meet the vendor will be the exact price of the product.

How do I use coupons?

Choose the coupon that you like, take a print out and approach the vendor. Furnishing the coupon at the vendor will make you eligible for the discount.

How do I use the tools?

You can sign up on the portal and get access to all our FREE tools that are in downloadable format.

How do I write a review for a vendor?

Navigate to the vendor for whom you would like to write review. Log in to your account and click the write review button. Enter your review in the text box provided. You may upload photos if you want to. Hit submit after you finish.

How do I see the ratings that I have given to vendors?

Go to your ‘My ratings’ section under ‘My Activities’ to see the ratings.

How do I contact vendors?

Search for your required vendor, and you can find his address, contact number, email ids, photographs, videos and other business details. You can directly reach out to the vendors using the contact information given on our website or you may also send the form in contact tab for respective vendor.

Will I receive any extra discount if I contact them through Fullonwedding?

You can obtain coupon codes for the vendors who offer special discounts to Fullonwedding users by visiting our Coupons tab.

In case I am not happy with the services provided by the vendor, will you help us to resolve the matter?

Though we ensure that we list the best vendors on our portal and wish that your wedding planning goes smoothly, Fullonwedding would not be liable for any disputes between you and the vendors.

What if I want to refer someone to add a business?

Ask them to sign up and add their business by following Log In > My Business > Add Business.

How do I create an account with Fullonwedding?

If you are a new user, click on the login button on the top right. You can either sign in with your Facebook or Google account or sign up with your phone number. Set a password and receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Key in the OTP and your registration is done.

I am not able to sign in and getting error while signing up. What to do?

You might be using a user name that already exists or not using alphabets in your user name or last name. Do check and if the problem still persists, write to us at

How do I reset the password?

Request for a reset of password, just Log In >Profile>Change Password, we will send you a new password on your registered e-mail id.

How do I delete my account?

You can delete the account by sending us an email on We will ensure that your account is removed and we unsubscribe you from all our future communication.

Is my data safe when I register with Fullonwedding?

Your data is completely safe when you register on Fullonwedding. We do not share your contact details with any third party and use it only to communicate with you.

How do I get listed on Fullonwedding website?

On the home page, click on List Your Business on the top right, which will open up a window. Simply add your details and send us a message. We’ll get in touch with you and list your business on our portal.

Can I share my photos and videos?

Yes, once we get in touch with you, you can share all your marketing collateral like photos, videos and pamphlets with us which we will add to your listing.

Do I need to pay for being listed?

No, we provide you business listings FREE of cost.

How do I make changes like updating my address or add new products etc?

Go to ‘Edit my profile’, edit the changes and your profile will be updated.

Will the customers approach me directly or will it be done through you?

Customers can reach you directly using your contact information listed on Fullonwedding.

What are benefits of registering with Fullonwedding?

Our website gives you an online presence, more visibility and helps you share business details along with photos and videos. We help connect you to clients who are searching for your services.

How do I delete my business from portal?

Go to my businesses section, and click on the delete button.

What if my business category is not available on your website?

You can still get in touch with us on and tell us about your business. We will revert to you to see how we can collaborate for a mutually beneficial association.

How do I advertise with Fullonwedding?

You can reach out to us through the contact form provided on this page - Advertise with us. We will immediately get in touch with you and take it forward.

How to add new coupons for user?

Login > My business > Add pricing/coupons, fill the details and submit to upload the coupons.

How to edit coupons?

In your account, go to My pricing/coupon section, and click on edit button.

How can I cancel my account?

You can reach us a mail at and share your account details.

How do I reset my Password?

Request for a reset of password by following the steps - Login > Profile > Change Password, we will send you a new password on your registered e-mail id.

How do I share my wedding story?

Write to us at and get the whole world know about your unique wedding story.

How do I get in touch with Fullonwedding team?

You can follow the steps provided on the Contact Us page in order to get in touch with us.