Genda Phool – Marigold Decorations for a Traditional Touch

You know what color happiness comes in? Marigold orange! East or West, North or South, Marigold decorations are exquisite part of Indian wedding décor. Mere sight of them brings in joy. You know what is the best part? They are in trend! Be it day or night marigold decorations put smile on every face. So how can you incorporate this humble flower into your wedding decorations? Fullonwedding shows you!

Marigold decorations like to swing

fullonwedding-wedding decor-marigold decorations-diya-swing

Get an antique wooden swing. Polish it and put up in a visible corner of your décor. Decorate it with marigold. And watch your guests rushing to click pictures on it.

Set Table in flower fire

Forget all those firangi flowers. Embrace marigold on dining tables. Use them as runner or gather on flower pots or give them along with thank you cards.

Entrance under ghenda phool

fullonwedding-wedding decor-marigold decorations-chaddar

Having a hard time figuring out about your classy bridal entrance? Make a chaddar out of marigold. Decorate with bronze bells or hangings. Even marigold alone will do. Fairy lights may not go good with marigold. But why lights when flowers itself are spectacular!

In bowls and lamps

fullonwedding-wedding decor-marigold decorations-diya-water

Wrap up those lamps stems using marigold strings. While placing diyas, place two gendaphools beneath it. Fill up bowls or bronze vessels with water and let marigold and diyas float in it.

Hangings and Chandeliers

fullonwedding-wedding decor-marigold decorations


They are the most common use. Use hangings to decorate your mandap and use chandeliers on dining area. Add some light bulbs in between if used at night. Yellow lights and flowers will make the area look brighter.

Marigold Walkway

fullonwedding-wedding decor-marigold decorations-diya-aisle


Cover the path of sidepath of your mandap entrance with marifold flowers or flower mats. Because plain floors are so boring!

Marigold bouquets and garlands

fullonwedding-wedding decor-marigold decorations-diya-garlands

Forget jasmine and roses and welcome your wedding guests with marigold garlands and a tender coconut. It is retro and traditional at the same time! A man in a pair of wayfarers, a kurta and marigold garland will totally exude a royal cool.

Marigold decorations are totally Indian and extremely affordable. Since they are most adapted to our climate they will last longer. Hence better pictures :) If you are looking to cut down on your decor costs and yet do something that is classy, then marigold decorations are just what you need.