How to find a pro decorator for a wedding in Bangalore?

Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city and you can easily find here weddings with traditional Indian setup as well as the ones with western décor (as you can see in Europe and the US). In this article, we’ll tell you how to choose the decorator for a candid wedding and some tips for preparation for the celebration.

Remember that the work of wedding decorators in Bangalore can be completely different when it comes to such cities as this one. Choose a person who will design the project for your wedding, calculate the estimates, think through all the details and will be responsible for the result. The decorator is a creative, incomprehensible, complex person and every one of them works in their own way!

Who is the wedding decorator?

This is a specialist who is responsible for the visual component of your event. This person can pick the right combination of colors (even if you stand on your own and require a mix of purple and yellow, he will at least advise the right shades). Don’t forget that candid weddings should always look bright and luxurious.

The decorator is responsible for the size of the decor. This means, if you want a memorable decor, then pay attention to the height of floral arrangements (for example, it’s silly to make them 30 cm high with a ceiling height of 5 meters) or the proportionality to the wedding arch and all such elements. The size is easy to calculate with sketches that decorators demonstrate to their customers.


The decorator is a part of your wedding

This is the person who comes to the site ahead of everyone and leaves later than everyone after the celebration is over. At the first meeting you will understand whether you will get on well or not. It’s like love at first sight.

Your concept should look beautiful, discreet, and elegant. Make sure that you understand each other. Let the decorator show you the approximate pictures of the decor that meet your needs.