How to Get Good Color with Mehendi

When the colors of her blushing cheeks transforms into beautiful patterns on hand, we know the wedding date has arrived! We are talking about Mehendi, ladies! We know that every woman craves those pretty designs on their hands when they are getting hitched. After spending a fortune to get a good artist to do mehendi, when you finally see the colored design and if its dull – worst heartbreak ever! To get a better color with mehendi you need to follow some simple steps, here they are

First Wash to get Good Color with Mehendi

Overly dry or extra-moist hands will ruin mehendi color. So it is essential to wash one’s hand properly before application to get good color with mehendi. Remove all hand jewelry including rings before washing to get out dirt. Maybe use a natural scrub pack or mud pack. Removal of dead cells like this will increase color with mehendi.

Sit Comfortably

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Do not sit under direct sun or super fast fan. It may dry soon but the results will be just sad. Also do not use hair dryers or blower to dry them up. Keep your fingers straight and place them flat on a surface to prevent curling of fingers. Sit under abundant light to make designs clearly visible.

Granny’s Tips

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Apply a mixture of sugar and lemon juice over mehendi after its dried. Mix them and apply using a thin soft brush. Using hand or thicker brushes will ruin the design.

Heat a couple of cloves in a pan and show hands over it. This is a great trick to get better color with mehendi.

Add a drop of Eucalyptus oil to henna mixture or apply it over mehendi. Gingely oil is also good to get darker shade.

Post-Mehendi Care

The prime mistake – do not wash off mehendi with water! Scrape it off with a cake knife or paper towel. Beware of water falling on hands for next 24-48 hours to get color with mehendi. Protect mehendi with a layer of oil/vicks/balm. Use gloves or plastic bags to protect hands in shower. Do not wipe your sweat with mehendi adorned hands. Salty sweat makes the colo fade. Also do not clunch your hands for long time so that your palm will sweat.

If you follow these tips, you will wake up with not just good but great color with mehendi. The oil will enhance the shine of the design and make all the effort worth it!