How to pick a fabric for your lehenga

The Indian bride is the center of attraction in all the Indian weddings. As per traditions, the brides of India wear richly worked upon bridal wear. Although bridal wears of Indian regions differ, the most famous and exclusive wedding wear remains the beautiful and royal lehengas. Here is how to pick a fabric for your lehenga:

For Winter Wedding

If yours is a winter wedding, a silk lehenga may be the best choice for you. It looks elegant and drapes well on the body. However, silk is expensive and therefore you may want to consider the slightly less expensive satin as the fabric of choice for your special day lehanga. A satin lehenga fabric will feel smooth against your skin and will still save you some money which you can splurge on something else.

Fullonwedding-Bridal wear-How to choose lehenga fabric-lehenga fabric

For Summer Wedding

If yours is a summer wedding or you are not habitual of wearing lehengas, avoid wearing such bridal dress fabric that will make you feel uncomfortable with rising temperature. Use some light fabrics like bridal chiffon fabric or Georgette fabric. Georgette has a grainy sheer texture. However, it is not as soft and lustrous as chiffon but it drapes well and is easy to maintain. In a chiffon lehenga as well as in Georgette lehenga, you will be all comfortable to perform the wedding rituals.

Plus Size Women

Plus size women should always choose some fabric that has a nice drape and which tends to cling to the body. It will accentuate their curves in a very flattering manner. As such, a wedding lehenga made from such fabrics as silk, chiffon or Georgette is best for them. It will make the bride look absolutely gorgeous.

Fullonwedding-Bridal wear-How to choose lehenga fabric-lehenga fabric

Crepe Lehenga

Another excellent choice of fabric for your wedding lehanga is crepe. Crepe will give a beautiful drape that falls into soft, wide flares. However, it is an expensive and luxurious fabric with a dull sheen which also tends to shrink a lot. If you can afford and are ready to spend a good amount of money, you can go for crepe wedding lehanga too.

Organic Fabrics

Last but not least, if your skin is allergic to synthetic fabrics, try to make the lehnga with some skin friendly fabric. Go for organic silk or other such fabrics. Cotton lehenga made with fine and soft cotton with sheen can also do provided you decorate it with some special fabrics and trims like net and laces etc. This is an amazing Lehenga fabric.

Fullonwedding-Bridal wear-How to choose lehenga fabric-lehenga fabric


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