How to plan a beach wedding

A  beach wedding, whether held at an exotic destination or your summer getaway home, can be a great experience both for the couple and their guests. After all, it’s like a mini-vacation for everyone involved! However, pulling off a flawless event at the shore isn’t without its unique challenges. Here are a few tips on how to plan a perfect beach wedding:

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Wedding Officiate

Find a wedding officiate local to the beach of your choice to perform your wedding ceremony. Often they specialize in beach weddings and can provide useful tips as well as very affordable package deals. Wedding packages are becoming very popular and are ideal for busy couples. Often they include everything you need from the bouquet to the photography to the filing of your marriage license.

Fullonwedding-wedding planning-How to plan a beach wedding-beach wedding


Sure, it might be lovely to get married with your toes in the sand. But can your wheelchair-bound Grandma make it to the ceremony to see you put said toes in the sand? Will your guests be standing? Are there options for those who will need to sit? Like any other outdoor ceremony space, the beach can add a layer of difficulty when it comes to accessibility. So consider your guest list and figure out if any additional accommodations will need to be made so that no one misses out.

Stay natural.

A gorgeous ocean backdrop doesn’t need to be too dressed up. Instead, highlight the natural beauty of the setting. A beach wedding can be about shells and starfish, but it can also take inspiration from the harmonious color palette of sand, dune grasses, stones and water. Decor should be simple; avoid going over the top with fussy flowers.

Fullonwedding-wedding planning-How to plan a beach wedding-beach wedding

Hire a coordinator who does beach weddings

Getting married on the beach is just like a regular wedding, but with a ton of unexpected things you probably never considered. So if it’s within your budget, working with someone who has planned at least one beach wedding is a good idea. They’ll know their way around the local ordinances, they’ll remind you to bring sunscreen, and they can act as your wedding bouncer if friendly passersby try to walk through your ceremony photos.

Prepare for wind

A good rule of thumb on the beach: Anything that can blow away will. If you’re using ceremony programs, weight them down with shells, tie them to chairs with ribbon or print them on fans, which perform double duty. And if you envision a perfectly petal-lined aisle don’t toss them until the absolute last moment, right before guests arrive.

Fullonwedding-wedding planning-How to plan a beach wedding-beach wedding


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