Arranged Marriage – Important Conversations To Have

An arranged marriage has its own charm and delight in understanding and unraveling the person you are getting married to. However like every relationship, it comes with a fair share of confusions. Confusions can be easily tackled with open hearted conversations. Fullonwedding is listing out important conversations to have before an arranged marriage. You may or may not discuss your past, depending on each others attitude.

Where do you See Yourself in Ten Years

In 21st century all women are fiercely independent. They know what they want and how to get it. They do not mind moving to places for that. If both of you dream yourself at different places in future, arranged marriage will be an arranged tour. To avoid complications discuss this.

All about Money, Honey

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Who will spend what on where is an important topic. Saving and expenditures needed to be divided evenly and equally. So also the wedding expenses. Make sure you know about each other deposits and financial sources. Later discoveries about money, especially debts need not always be a happy sight.


Well your family found each other for you. Now tell each other about your relationship with family members. Both of you need to know about each others family thoroughly. Because you will be a part of it very soon. Talk about your priorities towards the family and the kind of equation that you are expecting to have post marriage with both sets of parents.


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He worships football,she worships music. Your tastes are pepper and bananas, can;t combine at all. In 5 years both of you will have a spat over a date night you had after engagement. Tell each other your interests. Rectify your doubts. They say un-like poles attract but human are not magnets – it helps to openly discuss passions and interests that you hold close to your heart.

Strengths and Weaknesses

As old saying goes, nobody is perfect. Everybody has their own flip sides. Partners should fill each other’s crevices. Have a chat about plus sides and weaknesses. This will help you compliment each other during tough situations. In shine be your partner’s light, in rain dance in it together.