Ombre Lips – a Make-up Trend to Explore

If you are in any way clued into the global makeup trends, you would have definitely heard of ombre lips. Initially used by Marilyn Monroe, ombre lips have their own charisma. They have been in vogue internationally for more than a year now and the trend is taking its baby steps in Indian beauty pages. Ombre, literally meaning faded, is generally used for gradual coloring in fashion field. Ombre coloring gives your lips a fuller look and you are party ready in a jiffy. Different type of ombre lips can be tried according to the occasion. You can make them look matte and classy or apply lip gloss for a glamorous touch. In case you are new to the trend, we tell you about the different types of ombre lips today.

Ombre Lips from Up and Down

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This style is achieved when you apply darker shades on upper edge of upper lip and lower edge of lower lip. Lighter shades are in middle and both are smoothly blended

Side Ombre lips

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Instead of upper and lower edges, darker shades are placed on lip ends. Mid portion could be highlighted using eyeshadows or glitters. If required apply lip gloss to finish it off.

Double Color Ombre Lips

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Two complementary colors, adjacent in color wheel is blended. Usually the brighter shade is on middle and softer shade is on the edges. Vice versa has a slight chance to look overdone. If you want to experiment with this look, choose it with caution because it may not suit all the skin tones.

Nude Shades for Indian Skin

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Not everybody has Marilyn Monroe’s skin tone so it is quite possible for many to be reluctant to try this style. In that case, pick lilac, lighter shades of chocolate brown and try them with their darker shade. You can also blend your required color with nude shade.

Cute Korean Ombre Lips

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Korean TV series and films are everyone’s favorites, as are their fashion styles. Those adorable pouty lips can be achieved by using a tone darker to your lip color. Apply it in middle, blend to sides.  If you are not satisfied with the end result, use a shade closer to your lip color on the sides. Casual lips were never this simple to achieve!

Single Lip Ombre

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Want to make a shocking impact? This style may not exactly be for brides, but nothing stopping you from trying this style where the top lip is colored red while the bottom lip is shaded with black. It makes for a striking look which will definitely make heads turn!