Rajput Bridal Jewellery Explained

Rajput weddings are royalty personified. Rajput bridal jewellery is a mixture of uncut diamonds,kundan jewellery and gold which perfectly complements the regal attires. Today, we unravel the Rajput bridal jewellery and explain to you some of the traditions associated with the wedding.

Wedding traditions

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The groom and the bride are picked from different clans and their horoscopes are matched. The festivities kick off with the ‘Tikka’ which is the engagement ceremony. Traditionally, this is held in the groom’s home and is attended by the male members of the bride’s family. This is followed by havans and pujas to invoke the blessings of the almighty.

A ceremony called pithi dastoor takes place after this. This is similar to the haldi ceremony and after this, the groom and bride will not leave their respective homes. The main wedding ceremony starts with arrival of groom with the baarat on horse. The bride’s mother receives him. They later tie knot and do paanigrahan or holding hands. Then they encircle the holy fire. The ceremony culminates with the groom applying sindoor on the bride’s forehead and doing the ‘saat phere’ where they promise to take care of each other for seven lives.


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Bridal attire is a saree known as poshak. It is generally in red color. Nowadays you can find yellow and orange poshaks too. Green and other shades are favoured among Rajputs. Men wear turban and sherwanis and carry a sword. This symbolizes the fighter clan of rajputs.  Embroidered golden sherwanis make the prince charming on the horse look like a true knight.


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Rajput bridal jewellery is rich and glowing. Rakhdi is a circular piece of jewellery worn on forehead, like a maang tikka. Sheesphul is worn as head gear. The bride wears ringed noserings or nath which are connected to ear by a chain. In the ears, jhumkas or hanging earrings are seen.

Timaaniyan is a choker made of uncut diamonds resembling kundan jewellery. Her neck and chest will be adorned with the timaaniyan and also thick golden necklaces of various lengths like the thewa and layered rani haar.

fullonwedding-wedding traditios-rajput bridal jewellery-thewa fullonwedding-wedding traditios-rajput bridal jewellery-rani haar Choodas are generally ivory or red bangles worn as part of the tradition. Kandora is a girdle worn on hip over the lehenga to accentuate the waist. Bangidi, pacheli and kada are different types of thick bangles worn by the bride. The bride also wears studded rings. Hath phool is worn on palm is basically bangles with chained rings.

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The bride’s hands and legs will be adorned with deep red mehendi, with payals on both the ankles.