Significance of the Toe Ring

India, a land where myths meet science, there are several wedding related traditions widely practiced. From the Magalsutra to the toe ring all Indian jewelry pieces are said to have their own significance. Today we tell you about the significance of the toe ring, both culturally and scientifically.

Wearing a toe ring is a mark of being married in India. Unlike in western countries, where it is a fashion statement, significance of the toe ring is more religious in India. In western nations, when toe rings are worn for style as singles and unmatching pairs, they are worn as matching pairs in India.

Generally toe rings are made of silver. Even though in secial ceremonies gold is also worn on second toe finger.

Many places, Many Names

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In Tamil Nadu, toe ring is called Metti. In Maharashtra, significance of the toe ring post marriage is high. They are called Jodvi or Jodve in Marathi and involves a ceremony of wearing it n marriage.

Known as bichiya in Hindi, toe rings are put on a Karimpur woman in pairs, one on right foot and one on left. One is for brother and other is for husband. If either of them passes away, the respective toe ring is removed. The concept is, brother will protect her if husband is no more.

In Kerala toe rings are called Minchi, though it doesn’t really involve a ceremony in marriage in most areas, women do wear them after wedding. Mettelu ceremony or putting ring on her toe ceremony is widely seen in the Telugu region.

Significance of the Toe Ring 

Generally toe rings are made of silver since gold is considered too pure to be worn below waist.

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Silver rings are said to transfer polar energy to body. Also according to Hindu mythology, praana or the sustaining life circulates and ends ate toe tip. This gives them a spiritual importance. Significance of the toe ring increases during pregnancy. Toe ring worn on second toe is said to have acupressure effects beneficial to uterus. It is said to balance the blood flow to uterus.

Generally unmarried girls refrain from wearing toe rings in India. But just like most of the accessories, they are also highly evolving fashion-wise.

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Many styles and models are available. They are said to be one of the best boho-accessory. Anklets attached with toe rings are a big trend.