Special Indian Wedding Favor Ideas For Your Guests

It is a practice in all weddings, be it in India or abroad to give the guests a token of thanks for making it to the wedding. Known as favors, these can be small mementos or accessories. Indian wedding favor has traditionally involved giving auspicious items to ladies like a bag with a coconut, some bangles and some sindoor or a box of sweets. But with more global exposure, people are turning towards giving more innovative gifts that will make the visit to your wedding memorable for your guests. So what are some of the special wedding favors that you can give your guests and wow them? Lets find out!

Indian Wedding Favor 1 : Candles

Fullonwedding - Wedding Gifts - Special Indian wedding favor ideas - candle

Who doesn’t love a scented candle that calms the mood and fills the home with positive energy? Simple as it may be, a scented candle enclosed in a pretty glass container can be something that your guests will put to use as well. Give them a candle in a monogrammed glass with your initials, to serve their memory. Place it in a cute little paper bag and you will have your guests smiling widely upon receiving their wedding favor.

Indian Wedding Favor 2: Potli Bag

Fullonwedding - Wedding Gifts - Special Indian wedding favor ideas - Potli

Yes, bags are cliched but a well-made potli bag that is not your ‘bulk-order’ kind will make for a delightful Indian wedding favor. We say so because such bags can be paired with Indian wedding wear and women will definitely love having more accessory options for their ethnic outfits. Fill them with some homemade chocolates and you will have ladies talking about your beautiful ‘return gift’ to all their friends and family.

Indian Wedding Favor 3: Jams, Jellies or Preserves

Fullonwedding - Wedding Gifts - Special Indian wedding favor ideas - Jam preserve

If you thought ‘Mithai’ or sweets were boring but still want to give something edible as your wedding favor, then we suggest you pick up jams, jellies or preserves in interesting flavors to distribute to your guests. There are many NGOs and self-help groups today that make preserves out of fruits like berries, apricots and plums. This is a good variation for the Indian palette that is used to mixed fruit jam. Get them packaged in cute little jars with a personalized message tied to each. What’s not to love about a yummy Indian wedding favor like this?

Indian Wedding Favor 4: Personalized Candy Tins

Fullonwedding - Wedding Gifts - Special Indian wedding favor ideas - Candy tins

Indian’s can’t have enough of boxes and tins for their ever-overflowing pantry. So to be of use there, you can get dainty little tins customized with your initials. Small size tins to hold candy or medium sized ones for biscuits work well for this purpose. You can even place a few candies or some traditional supari in it since it is considered inauspicious to distribute an empty box as an Indian wedding favor.

Indian Wedding Favor 5: Bath/Cosmetic Products

Fullonwedding - Wedding Gifts - Special Indian wedding favor ideas - handmade soap

Surprised as you may be, bath and beauty products are some of the most highly appreciated gifts, be it at a wedding or any other occasion. As an Indian wedding favor, we can think of handmade soaps or a nice smelling hand lotion or a pot of lip balm as great options. If you support certain causes and know of groups that make these items, then it would be wise to pick them up from such organizations. You can even get your supplier to leave a note with each gift about the organization that makes them. You never know, you might even find more supporters for the cause!

So what do you think of our suggestions for Indian wedding favors? We’d love to know if you have more ideas that we can share with our readers.

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