The Trend of Going on a Mini Moon

So you have taken uncountable number of leaves right from engagement – engagement ceremony, shopping, inviting guests and the wedding itself. And now you are basically biting away your nails over taking another set for honeymoon. We understand your pain. It is this necessity that led to the invention of the mini moon. The tiny little holiday where you can pack your bags with the tiniest amount of leaves left in your kitty.

You can chill and groove with a glass of wine and serene surroundings. Rather than not going anyplace at all, a mini moon gives you a chance to have a quiet outing, just two of you, away from the din of the ‘shaadi ka ghar’. Some people also look at it as a starter before the big honeymoon. If you need time to plan a big one but still want to go on a small trip when you are a ‘brand new’ couple, then mini moon is just what you need.

Mini Moon means

A trip with less time and a small budget which does everything to make the newly weds happy. You can stop fussing over huge plans and packages of a lifetime and pack your bags and go in a jiffy instead. The advantages of the mini moon are that it is:

  • Pocket friendly
  • Work friendly
  • Less planning involved

With all your brain used for wedding planning, spare some time for some much needed rest and relaxation. A mini moon is just what you need!

Places you can go to

If you have more than 3 days at your disposal, look for countries close to India that require no visa or those where you get one on arrival. It will be a wonderful idea to scoop off your  spouse to a short albeit exciting trip to a land unknown, without spending a bomb or planning for long. Three days in a new country is not enough to soak it in fully but you can at least take a dip for now with a promise to come back later!


fullonwedding-honeymoon planning-mini moon-bhutan

No need of a visa. Easy to visit. Lovely place for culture buffs and nature lovers alike. Still less destroyed by tourism.


 fullonwedding-honeymoon destinations-10 most adventurous honeymoon destinations-maldives

Not a cheap option. Expensive but all worth it. Fullonwedding tells you about what you can look forward to in Maldives here. 


Long long beaches and dense forests. A good place to discover beauty and each other in a short span of time. Also, tickets are dirt cheap!


 Fullonwedding - Wedding Planning - Top 5 Destination Weddings in India - Ooty Coonoor

If you’ve only got a long weekend or a maximum of three days, then chuck international destinations and go in for a place that is close to your location. Depending on which part of India you reside in, you could choose to go to one of the following places, each of which promises to be a treat as a weekend getaway!

  • Kerala
  • Coorg
  • Goa
  • Puducherry
  • Landsdowne
  • Darjeeling
  • Shimla

So if it is the hills or the beach, there is no dearth of locations in India. Just pick a spot and head out with your loved one for a much deserved quality time together!