Tips for Wearing Diamond Jewellery for Wedding

Selecting the right jewellery might have been a piece of cake but wearing it elegantly may not be. Diamond jewellery for wedding is back as a major trend these days. But the deal with it is that you need to keep many things in mind while pairing it with your outfit  – is the diamond of a good quality, is the ensemble too bling overall, does your bridal wear complement white and silver shades and so on. Not sure how to go about it? Let us tell you how to buy and wear diamond jewellery for wedding so that you can make that impact that you have been aiming for!

Versatility in Diamond Jewellery for wedding

Admit the fact- Diamond shopping is riskier that gold because you can never be sure about the value of diamond. Hence pick diamonds which give you maximum guarantee (like a resale value card). Pick diamond jewellery pieces with versatility. Since diamonds cannot be leased or sold easily like gold, probably those jewels will stay with you forever. So play safe and pick things that can suite multiple occasions for later use.


fullonwedding-wedding jewellery-tips for wearing diamond jewellery for wedding

Keeping all stereotype of “only heavy jewellery for Indian wedding” aside, you could actually wear diamond studs for wedding. But if you want to look hip or contemporary, then we would suggest you to pick chandelier earrings with tiny diamonds that will catch the light each time you tilt your head.


fullonwedding-wedding jewellery-tips for wearing diamond jewellery for wedding-nosering

Many Indian customs insist on the nath a.k.a Nosering for bride. You can choose a diamond nose ring set in gold or silver. Rings with a tear drop stone are also graceful. If you want a large nosering, pick one with a single stone or group of stones arranged as single piece (like a flower).


Try to see that your wedding or engagement ring has a diamond because relationships are as precious as gems.If you are wearing rings with delicate diamonds, then pile a couple of them on various digits. Huge engagement rings could be fun but eventually they will end up hogging all the limelight and take the focus away from the rest of your ensemble. So tread with caution there. Our advice would be to pick diamond wedding/engagement rings with one stone to reduce maintenance and ensure that it gels well with other pieces of your jewellery.


fullonwedding-wedding jewellery-tips for wearing diamond jewellery for wedding-necklace

If your neckpiece is huge keep earrings minimal. Drop earrings or studs can be used then. Diamond jewellery for wedding does not have to be a necklace costing lakhs of rupees. You can wear a simple choker or a multi-layered necklace. Keep the layer count to three or a maximum of four. Since diamonds are too bright and white, too much jewellery will dull bridal wear. For reception a single diamond necklace will do the trick. Try organic designs like florals and creepers which are in trend this season.