Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in the world

You have waited so long to be with your loved one forever. After all the wedding rituals, you want to start your married life away from your relatives, just with your sweetheart. But, how do you decide where to go for your honeymoon? Both of you may have different choices, or maybe you receive a honeymoon package as your wedding gift. We are here to make your life easier and bring you the top honeymoon destinations from around the globe.

Bali, Indonesia


There’s a reason its nickname is the “Isle of the Gods.” The island had been a magnet for romance seekers for its exotic temples, beautiful mountain and cultural scenes. Visit Balangan and Suluban, the most beautiful beaches. Experience nature’s romantic drama on your sunrise hike to the active volcano, Mount Batur at 1700 m above sea level. If you pick Bali as your honeymoon destination, then go for a resort and spa hotels to plan your stay. Newlyweds looking for some sensual rejuvenation will enjoy the strawberries and champagne, and relaxing couples’ massage and super romantic flower bath made of roses and rich oils at the expansive resorts and spas of Bali.

Paris, France



It is mainstream but it is worth it. Paris, the city of love is counted as one of the top honeymoon destination and preferred by couples all around the world. Each street, each view will seem even more romantic when you hold hands of your love. The most popular time to visit Paris is in the spring (April-May) and fall (September-October) because of the ideal weather. For couples willing to brave a bit of chilly weather, winter (December-March) can be a nice time to visit as there’s less crowd. Stretch you budget a little and enjoy a Private limousine tour on romantic sights such as the river banks, Place Dauphine, Place des Vosges, Le Pont Neuf and Montmartre – or outside the city to Versailles, Saint Cloud or Marly.

Venice, Italy     


Venice is generally supposed to be just about the most romantic city on earth. And it’s true, it really is. A perfect honeymoon destination, Venice offers everything a couple needs for a romantic holiday. Gondola rides will give you the lovely feel of the city. After the golden glow of late afternoon, Venice at sunset can be a beauty of pink-streaked skies. If you get the timing right, there are beautiful sunsets visible from the lagoon shore at the Giardini Pubblici in Castello. April to June and September to November are the best times to visit Venice. Water, water everywhere provides some of the best seafood in Europe, and the Italian touch creates risotto beyond compare.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


For couples weighing a beach honeymoon against a city honeymoon, Rio fills both bills. Rio has at least seven beach neighbourhoods, with over 55 miles of beaches total. The most popular Rio hotels are set along the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. Take a trip to the Peak of Corcovado Mountain, atop of which stands the 125-foot-tall Christ the Redeemer statue.  Try to plan your getaway for the famous carnival festival, which takes place each year in February. Also, be ready for major shopping scenes as Rio is a hub of fine gemstones so ladies, you get too add exclusive jewellery in your accessory box.

Marrakech, Morocco


If you are looking for an exotic honeymoon destination, Marrakech is the perfect place. You’ll feel like you wandered onto a movie set complete with snake charmers, belly dancers, horse-drawn carriage rides across a maze of markets. July to mid-September is weather wise the best time to visit Morocco. The place offers a perfect blend of Arabic and modern culture with its old and new architecture styles and you can have a romantic walk around the streets. The rewards of tenacious bargaining are many: beautiful hand-woven kilim rugs from the Atlas Mountains, jewellery, brass, silver, ceramics, leather, fabrics, clothing, and a plethora of handcrafted wonders.

Pick your favourite destination and live your honeymoon like the best time of your life!

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