Top Wedding Gift Ideas for the Newlyweds

When you have to take part in a wedding as a guest, one would think that all that needs to be done is to get dressed and show up. But the problem here is two fold – what to wear to the wedding and what to gift the newlyweds. While we’ve solved the former questions with this post, here is a quick guide that tells you all the gifting options there are to explore. So without further ado, here are the top wedding gift ideas for the newlyweds.

1. Cash

This one is a no-brainer. The reason why we featured cash on top of our top wedding gift ideas list is because it has forever been a favourite with both gift givers and receivers for the sheer practicality it offers. Gifting cash means zero hassle for the person giving the gift. More importantly, it comes in handy for the person receiving the gift, for wedding is a time of big expenses and cash is always welcome.

2. Gift Cards

If you think that the cash will be spent on some nondescript item or frivolous expenditure and you would rather gift something memorable, the next top wedding gift idea to consider is a gift card or gift voucher. A gift voucher gives the receiver the flexibility to buy what they want to. It comes in handy when the newlyweds are setting up a new home or buying essentials for their new life together. Moreover, the gift that is bought with a gift card remains in their memory and is not forgotten like cash.

3.  Gift Them an Experience

Fullonshaadi - Wedding Gifts - Top Wedding Gift Ideas - Couple Spa Experience

The most in-vogue gift these days is to gift people an ‘experience to remember’ making this one of the top wedding gift ideas that is followed these days. If you know that the couple is adventurous, gift them a river rafting adventure, or a paragliding experience to add some thrill to their lives. You could even gift them classes to pick up a new hobby or a spa session to unwind and relax after the hectic wedding.

4. Gift for the Home

Most couples set up a new home together after their wedding. A new house is always in need of various essentials and decorative items that will make it a home. While home needs are a popular category while gifting, we’d suggest that you first consult with the couple as to what do they exactly need before buying anything in this category. You don’t want them to have appliances that they don’t need or decor pieces that are not in their taste.

5. Furniture

Fullonshaadi - Wedding Gifts - Top Wedding Gift Ideas - Furniture

We know what you are thinking – who will give furniture as a gift to couples? You will be surprised to know that furniture is among the top wedding gift ideas when gifts are bought as a group – it could be a bunch of office colleagues or college friends gifting together. It could be something simple like a coffee table or a bookshelf or a whole new Couch Set that the couple would need and use as well.

6. Sponsor their Honeymoon


What can be more memorable than a honeymoon that is partly or fully sponsored by friends? It is an unconventional gift but is slowly turning out to be one of the top wedding gift ideas embraced by youngsters. Think about it, the couple of anyway going on the honeymoon so why not gift them either the tickets or a night’s stay and make it more special for them?

7. Gold Coins

If you are the kind wanting to gift expensive things like gold, it is advisable to stick to gold coin. They figure in our top wedding gift ideas because even though gold is a solid investment to make, it is only coins in which you are not saddled with wastage and making charges. The couple can ‘hoard’ it or exchange it for jewellery of their taste in a design of their choice.

8. Electronics

Today’s young generation will never say no to electronics which makes them one of the top wedding gift ideas for the newlyweds. Think useful gadgets like portable hard disk, cameras, music docks, headphones or other cool gadgets which will be cherished by the couple. Also, one can never have too many power banks – another practical gift that will be put to good use.

9. Games

Giving the couple something that both of them will use and something that will bring them joy is the final purpose of gifting. That is the very reason why we think that games are cool wedding gift ideas which will add joy to their lives and strengthen their bond. Board games, a pair of tennis racquets or even a gaming console can be ideal gifts for a sporty couple.

10. Smart Wearables

Fullonshaadi - Wedding Gifts - Top Wedding Gift Ideas - Smart Wearables

There was a time when couples would be gifted ‘couple watch sets’ during the wedding. With changing times, the trend is now to gift them smart wearables that track your movement, sleep patterns, tells you the time and even lets you read email off of it. We think that wearables are a great gift idea because they will help couple set fitness goals together and help them work towards a healthier life!

This was our set of top wedding gift ideas for the newlyweds. Do you have any suggestions to add to this list?

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