Trend of Off-Shoulder Blouses

Some trends keep coming back and when they come back they do so with a bang. Off-shoulder blouses are in this phase now. They were once fashionable in partywears and casuals and are now the hottest trend in bridal wear. All around, we’ve seen celebrities flaunting their smooth collar bones and toned shoulders!! Naturally, the designers are all in for this style too. If you have still not yet noticed the high for off-shoulder blouses, you need to check the trend out right away.

Kangana Ranaut for Manav Gangwani

fullonwedding-bridal wear-off-shoulder blouses-Kangana

With her hair on point and swag even more on point Kangana walked down the runway in Manav Gangwani lehenga in India couture week. Her mirror worked off-shoulder blouse had a V-pattern that extended to straps channeling the off-shoulder look. See how it makes just the right space for the statement neckpiece!

Deepika Padukone for Manish Malhotra

fullonwedding-bridal wear-off-shoulder blouses-deepika

When the ace designer was showing us a “Persian story” Deepika and Fawad Khan became a total vision. We didn’t miss Deepika’s off shoulder style. Her sweet heart bustier type blouse has sleeves that ran upto her elbows. Manish Malhotra using the style for his showstopper is a stamp of approval to the trend!

Payal Singhal’s off-shoulder blouses

fullonwedding-bridal wear-off-shoulder blouses-Payal Singhal

With florals we have a great attire from Payal singhal in category for Off-shoulder blouses. This particular peplum blouse has zero sleeves and gives you a gown feel.

Sonam Kapoor for Nikasha

fullonwedding-bridal wear-off-shoulder blouses-Sona Kapoor

Sonam was spotted in Nikasha saree, as always adventurous in fashion. The flared blouse had a lace chest line. The softly draped saree was a different look to look out for. We love her off-shoulder look!

Kunal and Tanna

fullonwedding-bridal wear-off-shoulder blouses-kunal and tanna

When we started, we mentioned about casual off-shoulder blouses. This is it. This lehenga and off-shoulder blouse is as simple as it can get. Lacey bust area gives way to three fourth sleeves with a plain chest line.

Narghis Fakhri in Priyal Prakash

fullonwedding-bridal wear-off-shoulder blouses-Priyal prakash

In a bias skirt inspired by retro years Nargis carried with grace this Priyal Prakash off shoulder blouse. Her look was kept simple, just like the blouse.

Now that you have seen all the celebrities flaunting it, isn’t it time to get your own off-shoulder blouse?