Vivek Samaiya – Master of Artistic Wedding Photography

He knows how to frame each moment in a way that it is no less than magical. Meet Vivek Samaiya, one of the most popular wedding photographers in Indore who is known for his knack of making every frame picture perfect. Aside from wedding photography, he also does a fair bit of kids photography. We caught up with Vivek to find out about his work and the world of candid photography.

How did you start off with photography? What is your background?

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I was always interested in nurturing my creative side and applied to NID, Ahmedabad. However, I missed the entrance exam and ended up doing MBA. Having dabbled in some photography during college, I decided to start my own full-fledged photography company in 2010.

What are some of the latest trends in wedding photography in India?

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India has traditionally had regular photographers getting you to post in a certain way during weddings. However, with the growing popularity of candid photography on social media, more and more couples now have an additional photographer taking candid shots of the wedding. There are also a healthy percentage of my clients doing pre wedding shoots – both photography and videography. We’re also using drones for aerial shots and making a lot of short films featuring the couple, which can be played during the sangeet or a similar ceremony.

What kind of printing techniques do you use? Is there more shift towards digital medium these days?

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Even though most people use the digital medium to store pictures, I think that when it comes to wedding, they still want a hard bound album that they can leaf through. I get my albums done from Canvera, because it is easy and convenient. I also store my digital copies there.

How much would a couple pay for a candid photographer for a 2 day wedding?

Depending on the quality of work and how skilled the photographer is, the charges vary. However, on an average, couples these days pay upto Rs. 1 lakh for a candid photographer depending on the services.

What are some of your favorite moments that you like to capture during weddings?

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Indian weddings have a whole lot to offer in terms of color, drama and emotions. I love ceremonies like the haldi, mehendi and sangeet for the vivid images that they have to offer. Pre-wedding shoots and pheras give me splendid candid moments which sometimes turn out to be the best pictures from the entire shoot.

What camera and equipment do you use for your photography?

I use a Canon 5d mark3, prime lens 85mm and 50mm, 100mm 2.8 macro lens for portrait shots and wide angle 17-40 to create drama in pictures.

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How do you market yourself to the wedding crowd? What are the ways you adopt to showcase your work?

I am pretty much active on Facebook and Instagram – that’s where people discover me and my work. I keep updating my work on these platforms to showcase the latest weddings I have covered.

Vivek Samaiya travels all over the country to do wedding and children shoots. He can be reached here.